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The Brazil Sanitation Panel is an initiative of Instituto Trata Brasil – ITB with the aim of bringing more information to Brazilians so that they can have access to the sanitation situation in the cities where they live and check if they have the proper care in relation to water, sewage and other socioeconomic indicators.

It is a portal that goes beyond information on basic sanitation, as it also focuses on the social, economic and environmental impacts of the lack of this service, as well as the benefits when services arrive in an appropriate way. The platform allows citizens to have easy access to data from different locations, from municipalities, states and metropolitan regions, as well as make comparisons with locations and sanitation indicators related to health and income, education, real estate valuation, impacts on tourism, among others.

The Panel brings indicators from 839 municipalities with a population above 50 thousand inhabitants, starting with the 200 largest cities in Brazil.

Access the sanitation panel: www.painelsaneamento.org.br


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