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The Trata Brasil Institute is an OSCIP – Civil Society Organization of Public Interest, formed by companies interested in advances in basic sanitation and in the protection of water resources in the country. It has been operating since 2007 working so that citizens are informed and demand the universalization of the most basic service, essential for any nation: basic sanitation. Our job is to make society aware of having a fairer Brazil, with everyone having access to treated water, sewage collection and treatment. We are a country that is still very unequal in terms of infrastructure, especially in the poorest regions.

To give more legitimacy to the actions, the Trata Brasil Institute develops projects in communities that are vulnerable to basic sanitation and where the lack of water and daily contact with open sewers are part of the reality of families. Within the scope of work there are three lines of action: Água e Cidadania pela Vida” [Water and Citizenship for Life]; “Trata Brasil na Comunidade” [Treat Brazil in the Community]; and “Apoio ao Saneamento Rural e em Áreas Isoladas” [Support to Rural Sanitation and in Isolated Areas].

In addition, Trata Brasil works in partnership with personalities who lend their image to the Sanitation cause (Olympic champions, jurists, actors and actresses, public prosecutors, engineers and professors), as well as having partnerships with entities linked to the areas of Engineering and Architecture, defense of Child Health and Child Protection, Environment, Tourism, Health Law, among others.


Contribute to improving the health of the population and protecting the country’s water resources by universalizing access to treated water services, sewage collection and treatment, as well as reducing water losses.


We understand that the population and opinion makers have a fundamental role in convincing the authorities, in order to guarantee access for all to basic services, so essential to human beings and nature.


Transparency and Independence


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