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n order to provide information and mobilize Brazilian society about the right and importance of basic sanitation, such as access to treated water, collection and treatment of sewage, Instituto Trata Brasil produces studies with wide media coverage every year in partnership with renowned researchers and consultants in Brazil.

From the preparation and dissemination of these reports, the objective is to monitor and give visibility to advances in basic sanitation in Brazilian regions, emphasizing that the universalization of treated water services, sewage collection and treatment, in addition to the preservation of water resources, lead to improving the quality of people’s lives. The complete studies are only available in Portuguese on the Trata Brasil website.

As an example of the main surveys published annually, the study “Economic and Social Benefits of the Expansion of Sanitation in Brazil” assesses the regional situations of basic sanitation to understand the challenges and possible gains that states and municipalities would have with the universalization of sanitation, especially gains in public health, education, job and income generation, job creation, improvements in property values and tourism.

One of the largest studies by Instituto Trata Brasil, the Basic Sanitation Ranking shows the challenges that the country still faces to comply with national and international commitments in treated water, sewage collection and treatment, ranking the 100 largest municipalities in the country from data collected from the National Sanitation Information System (SNIS).

In addition to exposing the importance of access to treated water, sewage collection and treatment, Instituto Trata Brasil warns about losses in the distribution of water resources in the country through the study “Perdas de Água Potável” [Drinking Water Losses] with the objective of presenting problems in distribution in the country, which meet the water stress and times of water scarcity faced by the municipalities. In this sense, the research seeks to bring solutions to combat the loss of drinking water in distribution systems, since these actions are less prioritized by most of the sanitation sector.


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