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Anthony Wong

Dr. Anthony Wong was a Pediatrician, professor and director of the Instituto da Criança, Hospital das Clínicas, FM-USP. Dr. Wong was also Director of the Brazilian Institute of Toxicological and Pharmacological Studies.

Artur Timerman

Dr. Artur Timerman had a master’s degree in Infectious Diseases from the University of São Paulo, Head of the Hospital Infection Control Service of the Edmundo Vasconcelos Hospital, President Sociedade Brasileira de Dengue/Arboviruses. Throughout his career he worked at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein and had great experience in clinical care

Carlos André Bulhões Mendes

Born in Alagoas, he is a Professor at UFRGS, in Porto Alegre, RS, where he has lived for about 30 years. Civil Eng., Tech. Mec., Eng. Seg. Job., MBA in Project Management, Master in Water Resources and Sanitation; PhD Water Resources Management and Planning (University of Bristol, England), Postdoctoral Environmental Management and Planning (Univ. of […]

Carlos Graeff

Member of the Advisory Councils of the Brazilian Society of Parasitology and Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine. Full Professor, Infectious Diseases Center and Department of Pathology, Health Sciences Center, Federal University of Espírito Santo.

Carlos Tieghi

Former chairman of the board of trustees of Trata Brasil, Carlos Tieghi holds a degree in Chemical and Safety Engineering from Universidade Oswaldo Cruz, where he was also Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry at Universidade Oswaldo Cruz, teaching in the Chemical Engineering course. In addition to being chairman of the curator board […]

Constança Simões Barbosa

PhD in Public Health, researcher at CNPq and Fiocruz, where she works in the ‘Environment and Health’ research line. Coordinator of the Schistosomiasis Laboratory and Reference Service at the Aggeu Magalhães Research Center – Fiocruz, in Recife.

Consuelo Yatsuda Moromizato Yoshida

Federal Judge – TRF 3rd Region, Master and Doctor by PUC/SP, with the thesis ‘Pollution in the face of cities in Brazilian Environmental Law: the relationship between social degradation and environmental degradation’. Professor of Environmental Management (PUC/SP and UNISAL/Lorena), Coordinator of the Specialization Course in Environmental Management and Strategic Sustainability Management (PUC/COGEAE/SP) and of the […]

Daiane dos Santos

Daiane dos Santos, Brazilian gymnast, she was born in Porto Alegre in 1983. She made history with the victory and achievement of the first Brazilian gold medal in the world championships in floor exercises, and is still consecrated in the field to this day. Daiane dos Santos Depoimento da Daiane dos Santos

David Zee

He is an oceanographer, coastal and environmental engineer. Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Oceanography, State University of Rio de Janeiro – UERJ, member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Health, Work and Environment Studies – Dr. Adyr Fonseca Jordano at UERJ, Vice President of the NGO Câmara Comunitária da Barra da […]

Edson Liberal 

Dr. Edson Liberal is President of the Society of Pediatrics of the State of Rio de Janeiro. “I support the Trata Brasil Institute due to the importance of the issue, as there is no good quality of public health without broad coverage in basic sanitation. Worrying about the issue is the duty of every health […]